4 Must-Have Google Workspace Apps For Content Creators

Google Workspace includes a range of apps that can help content creators get more done
Rob Mark
10 mins

Google Workspace is a suite of cloud-based productivity tools designed to help teams and individuals collaborate and get things done more efficiently.

For content creators, Google Workspace includes a range of apps that can help with everything from brainstorming ideas to creating and publishing content. 

Here are four apps that content creators using Google Workspace should consider:

1. Google Docs

Google Docs is a powerful word processing app that allows you to create, edit, and collaborate on documents in real-time. It's perfect for content creators who need to work together on a document or want to easily share their work with others. 

Google Docs also offers a range of formatting tools, including headings, lists, and tables, making it easy to create professional-looking documents. One of the most useful features of Google Docs is its commenting system. You can leave comments on specific parts of the document, and other collaborators can respond directly to those comments. This is a great way to discuss changes or provide feedback without disrupting the flow of the document.

2. Briefmatic

Briefmatic is a productivity app that's specifically designed for content creators, writers, and designers who work and thrive on google and use Google Workspace apps such as google docs. 

Briefmatic helps busy collaborators stay across all the tasks or comments assigned to them by clients and agency partners across all their workspace tools. It integrates with google drive, gmail and more and includes a bunch of features like task tracking and in app commenting, drag drop prioritisation with custom Kanban Board or Task List views.

Briefmatic is particularly well-suited for individuals and teams who work collaboratively and asynchronously, use a whole range of google workspace products and who need to manage shared creative projects across areas like product development, design, marketing, or advertising.

One of the key benefits of Briefmatic is its ability to create tasks out of starred items in gmail. This makes it incredibly easy to turn any email in your inbox into a task in Briefmatic so you can then prioritise it and track it against all the other things waiting for your attention. Great for those who sometimes forget to tackle tasks or miss important tasks because their inbox is overflowing with items.

3. Canva

Canva is the ultimate design tool for content creators, offering a seamless integration with everyday tools like Gmail, Drive or Docs. With Canva, content creators can easily design stunning visual content for every platform, whether it's a presentation, marketing materials, or social media posts. 

Canva's user-friendly features, including a photo editor, collage maker, and logo maker, make it accessible to everyone, regardless of their design experience or expertise. Moreover, Canva is perfect for teams looking to collaborate effortlessly on design projects within a single app. Its packed features help content creators maximise productivity, simplify workflows, and stay organised. 

From businesses and nonprofits to educators and individual content creators, Canva is the end-to-end design solution for anyone who wants to make an impact with visual communication.

4. Miro

Miro is an online whiteboard platform that is designed to help teams collaborate visually in real-time. With Miro, content creators can create a shared virtual whiteboard where they can add notes, sketches, and diagrams. They can also use Miro's templates and frameworks to guide their brainstorming sessions, such as mind maps or flowcharts. 

Content creators can create an agenda board or a Kanban board to keep track of tasks and progress. They can also use Miro's timer and voting tools to ensure that meetings and workshops stay on track and productive.

Overall, Miro is a powerful tool that can help content creators improve their brainstorming, meetings and workshops, and research and design processes. Its collaborative features and visual interface make it a great choice for teams looking to work together more effectively and efficiently.

Google docs, Briefmatic, Canva and Miro are just 4 apps that content creators can access via the Google Workspace Marketplace. There are plenty more but these 4 are a great place to start and will complement your existing google apps extremely well. Once you’ve embedded them into your workflow or business why not head back to the marketplace and check out the marketing and analytics section or the productivity tools section to see what else could work for you and your business.

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