What is the Covey Method and why its even better with Briefmatic

By integrating the Briefmatic Kanban board with the Covey Methodology, you gain the ability to prioritize effectively, optimize task allocation, and accomplish tasks that truly align with your objectives.
Rob Mark
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The Covey Methodology, an innovative approach to task management and prioritisation, offers a transformative way to boost your productivity and efficiency. While the Covey Methodology stands strong on its own, its impact can be magnified when integrated with a powerful task management application like Briefmatic.

By combining the Covey Methodology and Briefmatic, you can experience enhanced task management, streamlined decision-making, and centralised organisation, leading to greater productivity gains.  If you're eager to revolutionise your task completion and achieve more every day, discover how the Briefmatic Kanban board and the Covey Methodology synergize for optimal outcomes.

Grasp the covey Methodology 

The Covey Methodology empowers you to categorise your tasks based on their impact and effort required, enabling you to allocate your resources more strategically. This methodology is built on four distinct quadrants, delineated by the division of a two-dimensional grid, as depicted below.

Get to Know Briefmatic 

Briefmatic is a dynamic Kanban board and task management app designed to simplify your workflow. By seamlessly connecting various collaboration tools, it consolidates your tasks onto a single, visual Kanban board. Equipped with features like automated task tracking and real-time updates, Briefmatic empowers you to supercharge your efficiency and accomplish more.

With all your tasks aggregated from diverse applications onto a single Kanban board, Briefmatic provides a comprehensive overview, making visualization and prioritization effortless.

Identify Your Tasks 

Compile a comprehensive list of tasks awaiting completion. To streamline this process, leverage a robust Kanban board and task management app like Briefmatic. Seamlessly integrate Briefmatic with your preferred collaboration platforms, such as Google Drive, Slack, Gmail, and Google Tasks.

With all tasks consolidated on your Briefmatic Kanban board, customise swim lanes to align with the covey Methodology. Create swimlanes labelled as High Impact - Low Effort, High Impact - High Effort, Low Impact - Low Effort, and Low Impact - High Effort.

Review and Evaluate in Briefmatic

Delve into your task list on Briefmatic and assess the impact of each task. Tasks with high impact contribute significantly to long-term objectives, values, or priorities, while low-impact tasks bear minimal consequences and can often be eliminated.

Next, evaluate the effort required for each task on your Briefmatic Kanban board. Identify tasks demanding minimal effort and those demanding a more substantial commitment.

Categorise on the Briefmatic Kanban Board 

Position each task in the appropriate quadrant on your Briefmatic Kanban board, based on its impact and effort:

Quadrant 1: High Impact - High Effort tasks take precedence. These tasks require immediate action to avoid adverse outcomes. Ensure these tasks are situated in the High Impact - High Effort swimlane. 

Quadrant 2: High Impact - Low Effort tasks should be prioritized and allotted dedicated time to prevent them from becoming high-effort later. After scheduling, transfer them to the High Impact - Low Effort swimlane. 

Quadrant 3: Low Impact - High Effort tasks can be delegated to free up your resources for tasks with higher impact. Once delegated, relocate these tasks to the Delegated swimlane, ensuring you follow up. 

Quadrant 4: Low Impact - Low Effort tasks may be eliminated or temporarily placed in the backlog swimlane on the Kanban board until their priority evolves.

Initiate Action 

Begin tackling your tasks, starting with those in the High Impact - High Effort swimlane. Progress through the High Impact - Low Effort tasks, and periodically review the Backlog swimlane to consider new additions to your task list.

Remember to complete scheduled tasks promptly and maintain communication with team members for delegated tasks. Continuously implement this process throughout your day, and witness the remarkable transformation in your task management efficiency. Upon completing a task, transfer it to the Done swimlane on your Briefmatic Kanban board.

By integrating the Briefmatic Kanban board with the Covey Methodology, you gain the ability to prioritize effectively, optimize task allocation, and accomplish tasks that truly align with your objectives. To master your task list and amplify your daily accomplishments, explore Briefmatic and harness the potential of the covey Methodology for a more productive future.

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